About us

About us

About us

TransDocLink Holding consists of 2 companies named TransDocLink Services BV and TransDocLink B.V.. On December 14th, 2015 Robert Blanken started TransDocLink B.V.’ which has the aim to develop a platform offering an alternative for an L/C (letter of Credit). By having a third-party account, we enable the customer to close a trade where the payment is secured based on agreed trigger points, based on the logistics, for the payments. The name was found because of this link between transport and the document. Trans for transport, Doc for the L/C document, and Link for the link between them.  As existing freight forwarding companies were not available to support the start-up but wanted to wait a bit longer, the idea was raised to start our own freight forwarding company. Wilfred Blanke, an acquaintance of Robert Blanken, who has more than 30 years of experience in the freight forwarding business, has started the freight forwarding company on the 1st of November, 2019. This idea turned out to be very successful, and now TransDocLink services is building a healthy business with motivated employees and a big motivation to grow further, to help our customers with their international transportation.

Currently, TransDocLink Services uses the working name TDL Cargo and is part of the TransDocLink Group. Read more about the group at www.transdoclink.com.

Our Mission

Our shared principles and beliefs at TransDocLink Services BV are honesty, transparency & ownership. If you book your transport with us, you always know what you can expect and there won’t be any surprises we could have known. We want to provide you with the best service possible and we will do the best we can to accomplish this.

Our vision

With the ownership we take over the goods, providing the best service we can, always being honest, and with transparency,  we strive to be an example for the freight forwarding branch regarding customer satisfaction. With this as our priority, we want to build our small business into a medium-sized business as freight forwarder.

Our Strategy

To realise our vision, we have set the next strategy points as a basis for our company to grow:

Customer as starting point: we attach great value to the wishes, standards & values of our customers. We think it’s important to build a trustful relationship together, and make sure that everybody is satisfied and happy with the operations and information flow we provide.

Ownership: we handle every shipment with full commitment and like it’s our own goods. We make sure that your goods are handled with the service you wish. You don’t have to worry about if we value your goods enough and will always provide you with the best service we can possibly give, no matter how big or small your shipment is.

Innovation and thinking with the customer: we innovate as much as possible by following the newest developments within the logistics world. Our team always is eager to make the processes within our company better and are always open for tips from our customers to make our service better. We make sure we always stay in close contact with the customer about what is the best way to provide the logistics service for them. We are busy with digitalizing our processes, but close contact with our team will always stay if needed or wished, in combination with digitalized procedures and information.